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Top 7 Tips For Your Best Wax Experience

We’re giving you the Top 7 Tips before and after your wax appointment for your ultimate comfort.  Waxing with Skin Zen will be the easiest experience you have ever had.

#7- Hair length should be 1/4 inch for the best results.   Hair longer than 1/4 inch could break level with your skin’s surface without fully pulling hair from it’s root.  This results in rough patches of hair growing through the hair shaft in the days following the waxing service and leaving your skin less smooth than preferred. Waxing longer hair can have the service feeling more painful than the norm which is quite tolerable.  Hair that is shorter than 1/4 inch is difficult for the wax to grip and can be left behind.  So either way, if you want to get the smoothest wax possible, keep this in mind.  A good rule of thumb is wait 2-3 weeks after shaving and waxing so it is the perfect length for your wax service.

#6 – No Sun Exposure for 3 days before & after your appointment.  Are you a sun worshiper?  Keep in mind direct sunlight can cause premature aging and damage your skin, Prolonged UV light exposure is the #1 premature aging factor causing wrinkles, lax skin, and sun spots.  This type of UV exposure can have permanent consequences directly after a wax.  Results could be damage of your skin resulting in hyper-pigmentation or hypo-pigmentation (permanent dark patches or white patches of skin).  Apply a minimum SPF of 30 daily, especially after waxing.  Sun exposure before waxing dehydrates your skin and elevates the sensation of waxing. Well hydrated is the optimal condition for your skin and comfort.

#5 – Save your workout for another day.  Excess heat to the skin before and after waxing including saunas, steam rooms, jacuzzis, swimming, or a trip to the gym can make the skin surface change to be more pliable. Time your shower for your appointment up to 2.5 hours before, as it may cause issues with sensitivity.  Showering can soften your skin and may make skin more likely to “lift” – the superficial top layer may come up with the wax.  We do everything possible to prep and protect your skin before and after each wax service.  This being said, skin changes under the above listed conditions, so save that workout for another day for best results.

#4 – Wear loose clothing to your appointment.  Friction from tight fitting clothes can be irritating to freshly waxed skin.  In fact, avoid all friction in the waxed area for at least 24 hours after your wax service including massage, exfoliation, and as mentioned above, workouts.  Wait to exfoliate skin about 1 week after waxing. As the hair grows back, exfoliate gently every 3 days to avoid ingrown hair.  Skincare products that help the skin reach optimum condition directly after waxing and for the “regrowth period” are  listed below and available for purchase to ensure your best results. You’ll find you already use most products listed in your skincare routine and as a bonus they offer dual performance for use on various areas of your skin.

#3 – Avoid fragrance and deodorant in the area for 24 hours. Your skin will have a heightened sensitivity to these products as artificial fragrances and deodorant can cause irritation to freshly waxed skin. It’s okay to hold off for a day to keep from getting any kind of break out, in fact, freshly waxed underarms are odor free when there’s no hair.

#2 – Prep your skin for success. You can prepare your skin with hydration to have a better experience by using hydrating lotions and cremes for 3 – 4 days leading up to your wax service. It is especially good to apply these products immediately after your shower while the skin is still full of the water it has absorbed. Certain oils that are great for the skin after your shower include coconut, apricot, and almond oil. This is #2 because you will feel how much easier your wax service can be when you remember to prep for success.

#1 – No Caffeine 3 hours prior to your wax service. This is a BIGGIE! This will make the biggest difference in your wax experience. Avoid consuming anything with caffeine for at least 3 hours before your appointment. This includes coffee, cola, black tea, green tea and energy drinks. Even chocolate has a caffeine mimicker. Caffeine heightens your nerve sensation. The last thing you want is your nerves being hyper alert.

As a bonus, we have listed the top 5 products you can get from us for your total comfort in your waxing experience.


#5 – Image Skincare Body Spa exfoliating body scrub – Great for large body parts like arms, legs, back, and chest. When hair regrowth starts to appear and you get a little bumpy, washing with this daily will help to gently exfoliate the top layers of dead skin that need encouragement to shed off. *Regular use of this body wash is also effective against bacne – body acne – because of the exfoliation it provides.

#4 – Image Skincare Vital C hydrating anti-aging serum – When you start to get ingrowns, the skin can become bumpy and inflamed. Apply a pea sized amount over the area of ingrowns to help the skin heal and reduce redness and irritation. This serves as a great booster to use on your skin in the days leading up to your appointment.

#3 – Ageless total resurfacing mask – This mask is great for skin that is not hypersensitive when it comes to exfoliating smaller areas such as the bikini for ingrowns. It also has a natural skin lightener that helps reduce the dark pigmentation from breakouts over time. Use every 2 – 3 days as hair regrowth appears. If you have super sensitive skin, we recommend using  product #2 instead.

#2 – Vital C hydrating enzyme masque – This is a creamy hydrating and exfoliating mask.  Apply a small amount to the area of hair regrowth and massage it in, apply a warm soft washcloth for at least 2 minutes. Gently remove the mask in circular motions. The enzymes from this mask break the bonds of the excess skin build up while hydrating at the same time.

  • #1 – I-Rescue post treatment recovery balm – This product is the ultimate skin soother and nourishes after waxing for sensitive areas like the bikini, back, underarms, chest, lip or brows. Purposely made as a fragrance free balm, this helps to minimize irritation and redness. It has a lotion feel to it that easily spreads and absorbs into your skin. Even if you don’t wax, this is a great product for razor burn relief, irritated skin, and burn relief for men and women.