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Hygge in Yoga by Leah Shepherd
Hygge in Yoga by Leah Shepherd
Ever heard of the Danish term “hygge“? Believe it or not, I see lots of it in yoga classes.
Hygge is roughly translated to mean coziness and comfort, cultivated as a way to withstand the cold winter months. To have hygge, you appreciate the companionship of friends and some simple, small comforts, such as a warm cup of tea or a fleece blanket. The idea is to enjoy things that are soothing, so the winter doesn’t seem to brutal.
In my yoga teacher training, we were taught to create a safe space, or sanctuary, for students. That means the music, lighting, temperature and the teacher’s tone of voice all work together to create a welcoming and comforting atmosphere. To me, it feels very much like hygge, especially right now in the midst of a windy, cold week in January. 
In recent weeks, I have felt warm and comforted, practicing yoga in a calm, cozy room with other students. One teacher I know uses a beautiful, orb-shaped light that gives the room a soft and gentle feeling. Other teachers use candles, which can bring a sacred and serene atmosphere. In general, yoga studios tend to be warm and full of peaceful music. Practicing together in a class makes the experience even more meaningful and social. 
Next time you need some coziness and comfort this winter, try a yoga class!