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Cranberry Ahh-peel!

Look merry and bright beyond this holiday season with our Cranberry Ahh-peel Facial. Your face is your identity and the first thing people look at during these holiday get togethers. Cranberry is a superfood, full of antioxidants for repair and anti-aging including Vitamin C, omega 3’s, 6’s, and 9’s for nourishing the skin and providing protection of the skin’s natural lipid barrier, Vitamin B6, and properties which calm inflammation in the skin.

This facial is suitable for all skin types including rosacea, dry, dehydrated, acne breakouts, and more.

Includes a cranberry enzamatic fruit enzyme peel, cranberry hydrating masque, and oxygenating, rebuilding, and restoring serums. $125 ~ 60 minutes

Bundle your series of 6 treatments recommended for every 2 weeks, receive 20% Off for a savings of $150 and receive your first exfoliating Cranberry Orange hand or foot scrub on us! You must pre book your series after your initial facial and adhere to proper homecare and post care treatment guidelines. Promo Code: CRANZEN Buy your series today.


Service Specials


Services include skincare such as facials, waxing, brow and lash tinting, cellulite treatments, and healthy tan applications.

Book your services TODAY from our menu below. Products include our award winning Image Skincare line for all skincare needs for the face and body. Schedule a consultation in person or virtually to find out more! Listed under “Skincare” in our menu.


We have the best aromatherapy options for your home with beautiful decor diffusers and Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils of the highest quality standards available today. Scheduling monthly aromatherapy workshops.
For more about our CPTG essential oils click here.
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Our nutritional line, Arbonne, is of the highest quality standards of Europe which means only the best quality standards for what you put into your body. You can now enjoy a protein shake that is Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Vegan, and Kosher certified. Arbonne nutritionals have supplements for joint pain, exercise support, menopause – hot flashes, multi vitamins specifically formulated for men, women or children, and a great weight loss program that is delicious as you go.

Skin Zen hosts monthly gatherings to learn more about what Arbonee has to offer. Interested in joining a party, email us with your information and we will send you an invite to the next one.
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Popular Service Options
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Brow Mantainance - Keep your brow shape by coming every 3-4 weeks for maintenance and save $5 per visit. (Over 4 weeks book a Brow Shaping to get your arch back and provide yourself extra time for perfection.) $15

Brow and Lip wax - Providing the most gentle wax for your skin. Your best option for waxing is at Skin Zen. $27

Brow Shaping - Have a specific look you want for your brows and they have not been maintained, (over 4 weeks)? This appointment adds time to your service to ensure you are happy with your results. Once you achieve the desired shape, keep them maintained every 3 - 4 weeks and save $5 per visit. $30

Brow Tinting $20/ Lash Tinting $25 Enhance your eyes, brows, & the natural length of your lashes with tinting. Go without mascara & brow filler for 3 - 4 weeks. Save time in your "get ready" routine.

Lash Tinting $25

1st Time Underarm Wax - $30 Tired of painful razor bumps? Want to get rid of that "hair shadow" under your arms that's still there after you shave? This is the ideal service to rid you of razor burn and keep you from shaving for up to 3 weeks! With no hair, less odor. Win-win! Hair grows back thinner with each repeated wax AND *with a 3-4 week schedule, save $10 each visit!

Bikini Wax $30 - Razor burn wearing you thin? In this area, it is great to have an alternative to the same old thing that isn't working for you. Skin will be smoother and no "hair shadow" beneath the skin like after shaving. Say goodbye to razor-bumps for good and hello to smooth skin!

French Bikini $55 - Bringing the line of waxing in further than the bikini line but leaving a little in the middle. This great option is for those who do not prefer a Brazilian, but still want smooth skin without the irritation from shaving

Brazilian Wax $85 - Just can't stand hair? Can't stand shaving because of the irritation. This is the best solution to rid yourself of the hassle and discomfort of shaving. Plus no "hair shadow' is left from the hair under the skin's surface.

Skincare questions? Go Virtual and find your best answers with Skin Zen. Start feeling great about your skin today.

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Now you can have a virtual consultation in the comfort of your own time and space with Skin Zen.  We will email you a consultation email, you just fill in the blanks and send it back.  You can set up a 30 minute window of time that works for you. 

You’ll connect virtually through a link we send you at the time you reserved, it’s that easy for you!
Average consults are 15 minutes, we add extra time for your questions and concerns.
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We will credit your consult to your product purchase!
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Call today (301) 725-6936 or book online HERE on our Services Page, click on Skincare, and select Virtual Skincare Consult.